Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Preview of Tonight's SSBP

I'm very excited about this episode of the Sol Sector Block Party because not only is it packed with great music, it will be EXTENDED!

That's right folks, since DJ Atomos will not be on air for the Harmless Content radio show I will be covering about two hours of his shift. The first hour will be an all-request hour and then we'll move into an extended, 3-hour edition of the SSBP! The extra time will allow us to do 3 blocks of brand NEW music from bands like Chevelle, Linkin Park, Young Money, Coldplay, and more! On top of that, this episode also contains many other fun blocks celebrating the topics; Daylight Savings, Virtues, and Good Vibes. Closing out the show will be an all-request Trek block where I play YOUR favorite Trek Tunes.

All that and of course shenegans with me and my digital co-host, Sam the soundFX robot! So please tune into Trek Radio starting at 8pm PST, 11PM EST tonight!

Plus, next week, the 16th; the St Patty's Day dance party!

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