Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Final Freeplay and Starbase 13....

There's lots of things going on this week in DubCheezy's world. First off, I'm sad to report that this week's episode of the Free Play music request show will be the last one for the foreseeable future. I'm starting a new job which will prevent me from being able to fill that timeslot. I will try to do impromptu editions of the Free Play whenever I can hop on air, and perhaps down the road I can find a new timeslot for the show.
So in honor the final Free Play please join me tonight for a special edition featuring the best of your requests! The party starts at 9pm PST on Trek Radio!

In other news I'm very excited to announce that my audioplay pilot episode of Starbase 13 will be premiering this Sunday in the Sol Sector Block Party! For the first time ever I'll be debuting the entire 15-minute episode in segments throughout the show and special musical selections will accompany the story!
Don't miss the premier of Starbase 13! Sunday @ 10pm PST on Trek Radio!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Risa Summer Album

THe Summer Photo album is up! Check back as I will be adding more pictures as the event goes on!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Join me tonight for the Sol Sector Lounge Party!

The Start Trek Online Risa Summer event is here and we are celebrating with a special edition of our monthly in-game dance party. Join us on Risa for an evening of great music, activities, friends, and of course dancing! I've put together a truly unique playlist that could be described as the soundtrack of Risa featuring an eclectic mix of relaxing lounge and dance music. You'll experience trance, electronic jazz, samba, island dance, and New Age, most of which have never been played in the SSBP before!

Oh and did I mention free Romulan ale for everyone?

Don't miss out on a very special edition of the SSBP; the Sol Sector Lounge Party! Stop in any of the chats before the show to find out what instance we'll be dancing in.
The Party starts at 10pm PST (1am EST) TONIGHT, right after Harmless Content, ONLY on Trek Radio!